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Podcasting explained.

Learn italian on your ipod, mp3, personal computer, italian audio lessons.

What is a podcast?

Very simply a podcast is a way to broadcast audio file to personal mp3 players or personal computers. With learn italian pocast you can download italian audio lessons to your computer.

Why use Learn Italian podcast?

Audio lessons are an effective way to learn the Italian language. You can listen on the train, in your car or on your computer. Study in your time no classes not schedules you choose when and where.

Do I need a software?

You can listen the podcast directly from the web no software is needed. If you want to download the files to your Ipod, mp3 player or to your pc you can use a podcast aggregator, we reccomend juice which is free.

What about the transcripts?

The transcripts are in PDF fromat. The PDF reader is also free and it can be downloaded here.

How are the lessons structured?

Here at Learn Italian Podcast we have been teaching the Italian language for several years and we understand what the student is looking for. The lessons are based on audio files and a guiding transcript. Each lessons has a dialogue and 3 activities like listen and repeat, find the correct answer, answer back to the questions.

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